US President Donald Trump’s visit in India with Melania and Ivanka Trump

The article is about the US President Donald Trump and his family's two day visit to India. Trump and family also visited the Taj Mahal.

US President Donald Trump, Melania and Ivanka Trump's visit in India
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US President Donald Trump’s visit in India for a two-day trip alongside his wife Melania Trump, younger girl Ivanka Trump and son-in-law Jared Kushner. India exhibited a grand welcome of Trump and family. His visit to India symbolizes the good association and dealership between the two countries.

Trump’s Visit To Modi’s State :

On 24th of February, Monday noon, Donald Trump and family landed in Ahmedabad. At Sardar Vallabhai Patel International Airport, he was greeted by India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and a huge welcome rally. There were social occasions at the Ahmedabad International Airport as well as an event called ‘Namaste Trump’ to which the US President been a part of. There Donald Trump and Melania Trump took a stab at the charkha at Mahatma Gandhi’s Sabarmati Ashram. Mr. Trump’s visit additionally comes in the midst of tense exchange talks between the two nations. Trump’s visit in India is one of his memorable visits as he states in one of his statements, “America loves India, America respects India and America will always be faithful and loyal to the Indian people.”

After the grand welcome rally, Trump affirmed an arms dealership worth more than $3.5 billion for six Apache helicopters and 24 anti-submarine helicopters. He announced he needed the United States to be “India’s head safeguard accomplice” and the arrangement was a stage toward that objective.

Trumps’ Taj Visit : 

The Trumps then reached Agra from Ahmedabad. The city was been peppered with hoardings of both the pioneers. The 10-km course from Kheria air terminal toward the East Gate of Taj Mahal has been cleaned and enhanced at an uncommon pace. The dividers along the street have been painted and the pathways and streets re-laid in the approach his visit. The streets are being washed twice consistently to decrease dust. Other than that there was also some strict preparations made about safety and security for Trump’s visit in India.

Donald Trump's visit in India

The US President and his wife visited the Taj Mahal on 24th of evening. “Taj Mahal inspires awe, a timeless testament to the rich and diverse beauty of Indian culture! Thank you, India,” Trump wrote in the visitors’ book.

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Agra To Hyderabad :

Later after viewing the monument of love, President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Narendra Modi were set for talks at Hyderabad house on the second day of the American leader’s two-day visit to India. Modi and Trump are likewise expected to survey the worldwide and provincial circumstance and examine approaches to take forward two-sided relations.

The Prime Minister had also facilitated an imperial meal for Ivanka Trump and different GES delegates at the Taj Falaknuma in Hyderabad. After two years, Ivanka will again be visiting India with her dad and US President, Donald Trump.

Donald Trump's visit in India

On 25th February, Tuesday, the US President and wife reached New Delhi. There Trump and PM Modi talked on India-USA ties. Donald Trump took an interest in stately occasions, hold a meet and welcome with U.S. Government office staff members and go to an event with Indian financial specialists concentrated on organizations that put resources into assembling in the USA, as indicated by a senior organization official.

This trip of US President marked the better alliance between India and USA, rather than that it has also made people know that there are several beneficial dealerships and programme that would prosper the citizens of both the countries. Donald Trump’s visit in India with Melania and Ivanka Trump would probably strengthen the bonds between the two nations.


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