प्राइवेसी पॉलिसी

This Privacy Policy outlines how we uses and discloses parts of your information shared on https://voxytalksy.com for enhancing your user experience and to develop our Services and features from time-to-time.

This Site does not collect any personally-identifiable information about you except when you specifically and knowingly provide it via a software, browser or third-party login. The information we collect with your consent is used solely to inform you about new features and updated content on our website.

The policies and procedures mentioned herein describe how this site receives and collects information about you from various sources, including, but not limited to these scenarios:

  • if you register yourself as an exclusive user for this Site and the Services it offers which will be administered to you via a profile (your “Account”)
  • if you use our services generally as a visitor to this site
  • if you visit this website from any URL on an external, third party website or social media platform that backlinks or redirects you to this site and\or one if its services

If you choose to view this website and use its services, you automatically consent towards the collection, disclosure, transfer, storage and manipulation of certain kinds of information we collect about you that is described below.

Our privacy practices may differ from country to country in which we operate to reflect general compliance with local practices and legal compliance requirements.


This policy describes what we term as your personally-identifiable information (“Personal Information”), and how it is automatically gathered when you begin accessing our Services. This policy also describes how your information is shared with our business partners and what information they store about you.

This policy does not apply to the procedures and practices of third parties that we do not know, own or control. External sources (“Third Party Services”) can be described as social media channels and other web services that you may choose to access through our service to share this website’s content publically.  We do not assume the responsibility for the privacy policies and business practices of Third Party services and we encourage you to examine their privacy policies in order to judge their respect for your privacy as we respect it.


We may request you to share with us some of your personal information that helps us to personalize your user experience and helps us to improve our services. We request, use, process, collect, share and display some of this information of yours that you share with us:

Account Information:

During account creation, you may be required to punch in your username and password that would be linked to an email address. If you access a third party social media channel, these credentials (name, picture, email ID) will automatically be used to help you login\sign-up on the third-party site with ease.

As permitted by law, we may send you information via email to send you updates about our services. You can unsubscribe to them via account settings or via email unsubscribe option. We reserve the right to contact you even after you unsubscribe when\if you wish to take our help during Account recovery purposes or when you feel that someone else has control of your account.

User Content:

Your comments in the forum section of this website will be shared with other users publically. All content (articles, opinions, images, pictures, videos and comments) submitted by you may be retained by us for cyber security purposes for as long as the laws of any respective country requires us to withhold it even after you terminate or stop accessing your account.

Information Collected Automatically:

We automatically record information such as IP address, device and web browser being used by you with the help of cookies when you access our service. This is done to help us customize our services according to your location and device type. Furthermore, this information will help us to associate your content with your account ID and customize your user experience as well.

Our services also aggregates number and frequency of daily and hourly visitors, statistical information (“Aggregate Information”) helps us to analyse and improve our services.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer’s hard drive by the web browser you use while accessing our site. The cookies record information about you such as email address, name, etc. to help you login to the site and perform automated actions with your consent. This information is relayed back to our web server via a web beacon also known as an Internet tag to help us process and display the kind of information you are looking for. Cookies are of two types – session and persistent. Session cookies are temporary and disappear when you exit your browser. Persistent  cookies remain on your browser if you login as a registered user and select the ‘Remember Me’ option. You can remove persistent cookies by clearing your web browser’s history and restarting your web browser.

Please note that if you disable all cookies in your browser, some functions of voxytalksy.com may not work correctly or the website or the website may refuse to load on your web browser.

Location Data:

With your consent, we may collect your location (geo- location data) to help you find local content on our website. You can stop sharing your location data with us by simply adjusting your mobile device’s geo-location services settings or disabling your GPS.

Email Communication:

When you open email communication from us, we may receive confirmation that you have received our intimation. We use this feature to improve our customer service experience.


To support this site financially and to build traffic, we may serve advertisements in the site’s UI and also allow third-party links from registered business entities to various e-commerce, business entities such as “ad networks.”

These advertisement are generally targeted via third party ad servers or ad network technology vendors who use your browser cookies to show you personalized ads. These ad networks have their own advertising privacy choices which we don’t control and are not responsible for.

We do not provide any personally identifiable information of yours to any ad networks or agencies for use other than in connection with enhancement of our Services.


The services on this website are designed to help you interact with other people and share your views publically. As a result, some information about you described above is collected and shared via cookies for user experience enhancement.

Public Information – Your activity in the public domain remains public by default which may include, but is not limited to, any kind of digital content you post or share publicly on the Site or otherwise through other social media channel with the help of our Services.

Cookie based Information – All users are tracked (what page you visit, what is your bounce rate, what is your activity and where on our website) by the use of cookies and is stored by us for aggregating statistical data. Some search engines will index your publically shared information to generate results based on keywords and your name (by-line in article or post).

User Profile Information – 

Your username and other information related to you such as your About Me or Your Interests may be shared with other users. Your email address or other private information such as your age will not be displayed publically. If you are doing citizen journalism and if you wish to withhold your identity in case of an open letter or an anonymous submission, we will hide your name and credentials and name the post as a Guest\Anonymous post.

Information Shared with Our Service Providers – We employ service provides who perform tasks on our behalf such as content writers, social media managers, PR consultants, etc. who may need some of your information generated via cookies to assist us to enhance\customize our products or services especially for you. Your private information will not be shared with them.

Information Disclosed as per Law – We reserve all rights to access, preserve and disclose any information to satisfy any law, regulation or governmental request such as a legal process to enforce our Terms of Use and to supplement any investigations of potential violations or to abet any kind of fraud or security issue on this website. To protect the rights of the users and the public we can also take action against suspected users in cases of fraud or spam/malware prevention.


We provide every person and user of this site to write opinions of your choice and upload them for public view (subject to our approval). Additionally, you can also share memes, videos and other graphic content on the website. You are advised not to promote any brand without our written consent and agreement, and you should not violate any intellectual property and copyright laws of any country irrespective of where you live. We encourage original work. However, if you share someone else’s content, due credit must be given to each author, copyright holder and entity holding creation rights to that content.

The website will not be responsible for any content posted by its users and cannot be held liable for such actions by users of the website in a court of law. However, we will take appropriate action against any content that is reported in violation of any law. The views and expressions of users of this website are their own and are their personal opinions. They cannot be used legal evidence against voxytalksy.comin any case of user error or copyright infringement.

For more details, you should visit our CONTENT POLICY to better understand our stance against user-posted content.


If you wish to delete your account or migrate to a new one with a different e-mail address, you can email us at support@voxytalksy.com and we will gladly oblige after preliminary investigation of your claims. However, any public activity done from your account (such as comments, posts, etc.) prior to deletion will be retained for public view for security purposes. Only your account will be disabled from login access.

What If I Have Questions or Concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding privacy using the Services, please send us a detailed message to support@voxytalksy.com.