Motivating yourself to adopt a strict gym regime

No more excuses! This guide will help you get fit by adopting a strict gym regime with some really cool tips and tricks.

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Committing to the very purpose of getting fit is what should be your motivation when signing up for a gym membership. However, many of us sign-up, take some sessions and then try to give up! This shows a lack of driving force and most of all – lack the sense of achievement! We can help… once you are done with this article, you will probably hit the gym as soon as you can!

“Fitness is not about being better than someone. Fitness is about being better than the person you were yesterday.” – Khloe Kardashian

Do one thing, make a promise to yourself that if you lift your shirt, stare at yourself in the mirror and you don’t like what you see – you are definitely going to hit the gym!

Some Startling Facts

What is the point of paying gym membership fees if you don’t even turn up!

  • Research has revealed that 67% of people don’t even use their gym memberships and those who go to the gym, go only 2 times a week!
  • Moreover, people who are physically active are better at academics and jobs than people who don’t exercise.
  • For every pound of muscle-gained, your body burns 50 calories – a perfect way to fight obesity.
  • If you are overweight by 25 pounds (11.3 kgs.), your heart has to pump blood through 5000 extra miles of blood vessels!

Here are some ways to make your sedentary lifestyle a thing from the past and adopt a gym schedule right away:

  • Get Some Gym Gear And Wear It To The Gym-a must require for gym motivation

Let’s start with the easy part – wear your gym clothes and reach the gym.

Even if you don’t want to lift or run, simply being at the gym will be motivating enough to push yourself gradually to start exercising by observing others who have your body type or who are in far worse condition with health ailments and still working out to make themselves healthy again.


  • Start With a 15-minute session

Begin with a basic 15-min session whenever you feel like. If you complete it successfully, maybe you could push yourself to do another 15.

With this incremental scheme of pushing yourself, you are constantly motivating yourself to win the race faster and better. Not only will this make you stronger physically, but mentally as well due to the fact that you challenge yourself each day to perform even better than last time.

  • Try your old clothes on for the gym motivation

If you still haven’t been motivated even after the mirror check, try putting on your older clothes. If they don’t fit like they used to, or if they don’t make you look as hot and handsome like before, the gym can help!

Your imperfect body structure can be the most effective motivator for you! If that belly flab or those chopstick-like arms don’t motivate you, you are going easy on yourself!

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  • Check Your Health Status

If most of your money goes into keeping your health in check and costs your hefty medical bills, how about respecting that gym membership that costs lesser than a heart surgery or dialysis?

  • Be Realistic

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and nor can you start gymming like crazy from the very first day! Plan your gym session in accordance with your daily schedule. If you miss the gym someday, go back another day to pick up from where you left off. If you fall sick, do not exercise and let yourself off until you feel better. You don’t want to overburden your body.

  • Track your progress

The biggest motivation killer is the self-realization that you are not getting anywhere in terms of results. It simply means you are doing something wrong. If your arms get bigger and your hips don’t, it means you are ignoring leg-day.

Track your progress with trainer-based feedback or via mobile apps that help you track your body in a visual representation over the course of time. By a fitness meter like Fitbit that can help you see what you are currently doing and where you need to get at.


  • Pamper Yourself

Once you start getting profitable results, pamper yourself every now and then with a light snack or a day off at the spa. Don’t ignore your diet plan completely and stick to it no matter what.

We hope that you are motivated enough to hit the gym now. Remember, a race isn’t won if your car is parked in neutral! It is time to get into fifth gear and burn that belly fat, build lean muscles and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Within a couple of weeks, the thing that you dreaded will become something that you like doing. This enjoyment will keep motivating you to retain a healthy lifestyle and be healthier each progressive day.

All the best for your gym sojourn! Let us know in the comments if this motivational article helped you to hit the gym!


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