Barriers are there for a reason: Jaguar Attacks Women when she tries to take selfie!

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We keep hearing how incandescence of taking a selfie has cost human lives.

This news is from Arizona, USA. A woman allegedly tried to take a selfie with Jaguar and went too near her. It is said she even climbed the barrier and went dangerously closer.

It was obvious that Jaguar grabbed her by her arm and left some wounds. Officials commented “Please understand why barriers are put in place” in their investigation and noted that it was not the fault of animal but of the human.   

While onlookers were frightened to do anything, a woman distracted Jaguar by a water bottle because of which she was eventually saved.

After a few stitches, she was released from the hospital and realized that it was her mistake. She apologized to authorities and insisted that no action shall be taken against the animal. That’s why it is said that we should always respect nature and never forget our status or in Hindi,  AUKAAT.


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