Best Zoom Alternatives to Help You Hold Conferences

Best Zoom Alternatives to Help You Hold Conferences-voxytalksy
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Due to lockdowns across the world, the Government wants people to stay at home, that is why the remote conferencing app has become popular like never before. One of them is Zoom. It reached the top spot free app on Google Play Store and App Store. However, the app was found that the user’s data spread on Facebook without knowing. Zoom video conferencing app has seen an unprecedented level of growth in the past month or so. This is mainly because of the coronavirus pandemic that has forced people to stay indoors and work from home, leaving voice and video calls the only way of communication. Because of this sudden growth, several privacy and security concerns surrounding Zoom have come to the fore. Now, a fresh report claims that over 500,000 Zoom accounts have been hacked and are being sold on the dark web. Having said that, you can try these Zoom Alternatives apps listed below.

Cisco Webex Meeting

No doubt on this Zoom Alternatives. It allows you to make audio and video conferencing and even screen sharing. Cisco Webex Meeting is a great tool to navigate and utilize different communication styles work. It has an intuitive operating style and audio/video features, which can help you to connect with your friends and colleagues as easily as possible. It has also a secured program that will protect permanently your conversations among your colleagues. In addition to that, it has a feature that will pop-ups and tells you when the quality might affect due to signals issues. That is why this solution placed on the top regarding the free Zoom alternative tool.

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This Zoom Alternatives solution is made to provide great collaboration. BlueJeans aims to provide effective with high definition video communications. It is ideal for small, medium and even large organizations that are always conducting conferences. It is also suitable for voice communication technology including mobile devices and smartphones. With this tool, it will give you a chance to communicate freely and have the feeling to be in the same place with your colleagues, friends, and families. Moreover, its unlimited cloud recording function makes this tool interesting, this app like Zoom will also help you to keep your archive video and voice conference and other exchanges held between the operator and clients or within the organization.

Experience considerable video conferences in the company, business or even for personal purposes. is a very useful solution in making effective communications, it allows you to join and make a video conference smoothly. With this tool, you record calls during meetings and interviewing candidates for some future reference. It also allows you to easily share documents, audios, and videos. On that note, this can be also an alternative to Zoom because it also provides good communication with an attractive interface that can lead to good remote conferences. Lastly, its calendar and scheduling feature makes this solution very useful.


Discover why millions of people use GoToMeeting. It provides effective video conferencing and allows you to organize people you are handling effectively. It has a feature that allows the organizer to choose whether the participants are allowed to speak or just to listen only, it will bring the meeting to be more organized and accurate. It also has a crystal clear voice quality and high definition video. For that reason, it is also a great solution for your video conferencing needs.

GlobalMeet Collaboration

GlobalMeet Collaboration is a Zoom Alternatives that offers a wide range of solutions for developing virtual communication. Its video conferences, audio meetings, multi-functional meetings that cover global conference calls make this tool includes on the list. This tool has an expansive audio network that guarantees your audio experience. It can also accommodate a huge amount of participants to optimizes unified communication and collaborative solutions. In addition to that, the best thing with this tool is it has a noise suppressor that eliminates unwanted noise.


Another good Zoom Alternatives software that you can use is UberConference, which is a web-based program that offers an easy-to-use audio and video conferencing tool. You can organize or join a conference meeting without requiring you to install the app. This tool has an innovative system of icon or a figure representing a particular person that real-time lets you know who is talking and who you are talking to. It also automatically records the entire discussion as soon as the meeting starts. Since this is a paid tool, you can try its free version with only limited features.

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