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Sometimes we need to record our android phone screen multiple times for the various reasons. It can record a tutorial or record a live video Instagram. So how do you achieve this? Well, all you need is an app to record your phone screen. There are a lot of apps which are available in the market, which very well record your screen. So, here is the list of best Screen Recording Apps for Android

It is the best screen recording apps for the Android with audio. AZ Mobile app has no restrictions in terms of recording time. Also, there is no watermark. You can also record the screen in HD and Full HD quality on your phone. You can also record the audio with the help of a mic, and it also automatically gets synced with the recorded video.

This can be used easily with the game recording or to create a tutorial. You can add comments to it as well. It helps you to indicate what has touched on the screen to make it understandable. Along with easy to use interface, the app comes with many features. You can adjust the bit rate, screen orientation, screen resolution, customized timer etc. It allows you to set a location to save the recording in just one click. Share the videos on a different platform with inbuilt sharing buttons.

Mobizen Screen Recorder provides you with many great features that make it worthy of being the primary screen recording app on your smartphone. With the help of this app, you can choose any resolution from 240p – 1080p, bit rate from 0.5 Mbps to 12 Mbps, and frame rate from 5 FPS to 60 FPS. It may not come as a surprise to see options such as touch recording, video editor, face cam, countdown as well.

This Android screen recorder offers its users with the total package. It is hard to pinpoint a screen recording tool that this screen record Android app is missing. Moreover, considering you will be accessing all the features inside this app free of charge, you are getting an abundance of functionality here at no cost.

Users of this app can choose from different video formats for their recordings so that they can strike the perfect balance between the video quality and video size.

Apart from essential functions of capturing screenshots, watching videos, recording videos and Livestream broadcasts, this screen recorder Android app also features a few extras.

The DU Recorder app also has some of the pretty useful video editing tools that will help you complete tasks on your smartphone without using your PC.

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It is another high rated screen recording apps for Android users. It has a rating of 4.5 on the Google Play Store. We can easily use our front and back camera at the time of recording video. It also offers video trimming option. It is a lightweight app with an amazing interface which requires Android 5.0 or higher. Approx, 1 million users download this app till now.

It is one of the best screen recording apps for both the internal audio and screen available on Google play store. For people who would like to record the high-quality gameplay videos on rooted Android smartphone without having any extra noise in their videos. RecMe is the go-to app that offers screen recording without any kind of external noise. People looking to record their screen with the internal audio, the app comes with a plugin named Internal Audio Plugin. Moreover, to make use of the internal audio feature, the android smartphone must need to be rooted because the app requires the root access.

This screen recorder apps can be used without rooting for the smartphone running on the Android 4.4 kitkat or above. This app supports the screen recording for all phones but offers internal audio recording for only the Samsung devices. This app also has a dedicated version for the Samsung and LG devices on the play store. We would recommend this app for screen recording due to its supreme user-friendliness that makes it quick and easy to record videos for any naïve user.

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