Positive public welfare schemes undertaken by State Governments in India

– A list of really welcome steps by local state governments of India which are trying provide better amenities to the public and promote positive development.

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Jammu & Kashmir – Model Village Scheme


The Jammu and Kashmir government is in the process of setting up 119 model villages within the state under the Prime Minister’s reconstruction plan to boost rural development. The project’s running cost is estimated to be Rs. 2,400 crore in which J&K will receive Rs. 142.80 crore.

Under this scheme, each village will be allocated Rs 1.2 crore wherein the village will upgrade various services in critical sectors like road, power, communication, education, civic amenities, power, tourism, etc. Further, many industries like agriculture, food processing, and employment generation will be boosted at the grassroots level as well.

Tamil Nadu – Amma Seeds, Amma Call Centre, Amma Scooter


Erstwhile TN CM J Jayalalithaa launched Amma Seeds which aim to provide quality seeds to farmers and encourages them to use certified seeds for their crops. A massive fund of Rs. 5.37 crore was also announced to extend this scheme to help urban citizens to grow vegetables in their homes.

The Amma Call Centre was launched to help citizens have access to round-the-clock grievance redressal which they can achieve by dialing the toll-free number ‘1100’ at any time.

A new scheme called Amma Scooter has been introduced in 2018 to commemorate the 70th birth anniversary of late chief minister J Jayalalithaa. Under this scheme, over one lakh working women will get scooters at subsidized rates (50 percent up to Rs 25,000).

Andhra Pradesh – Giriputrika Kalyana Pathakam Scheme

This scheme helps married adult tribal women with a one-time financial assistance of Rs. 50,000 that they can use to combat issues like infant mortality and to seek better livelihood and also avert child marriage.

Haryana – ‘Adapting homes for the differently-abled’

This scheme offers six months’ advance pension to persons with disabilities for adapting and developing their homes as per their requirement. The scheme will also provide universal IDs for persons under the ‘Accessible India’ campaign.

Karnataka – Mukhyamantri Santwana Harish Yojana


The initiative offers free treatment to accident victims within the first 48 hours in the nearest government or private hospital.

The financial aid under this scheme will be up to Rs. 25,000 during the first two days, especially during the Golden Hour of the accident.

New Delhi – Mohalla Clinics


This scheme offers subsidized medical treatment to local citizens with 162 mohalla clinics that are currently operational in most Delhi localities.

Apart from the routine out-patient clinic (OPD) consultation, these clinics also offer various services like DOTS administration for TB, immunization to children and other medical services.

Jharkhand Government – Bhimrao Ambedkar Awas Yojana


Launched on the 125th birth anniversary of B R Ambedkar, the scheme promises to help widows with a pension and house (approx. 11,000 units) of their own.

The budget allocation under this scheme is Rs. 80 crore in which widows will get Rs. 75,000 granted to build a house in districts and Rs. 70,000 if the house is built in hilly or plain-terrain areas.

Maharashtra – 1 Rupee Clinics at Railway Stations


To provide prompt medical treatment to commuters in case of medical emergency (rail accident victims) or general consultation, Central Railway has established 24X7 ‘One Rupee Clinics’ at 14 different Mumbai stations.

Magicdil is the partner for this venture where basic consultation will be provided at a token charge of Re 1 and other medical services will be provided at a subsidized rate.

Gujarat – ‘Smart Village’ program


The state will provide at least Rs. 80 lakh to Rs. 2 crore cash assistance to improve public facilities in at least 300 villages.

The scheme will run concurrently with the Accessible India campaign as well.

Odisha – Madhubabu Aain Sahayata Sibir


To provide low-cost legal assistance to deprived sections this scheme will be piloted in 6,812 gram panchayats across the state. The scheme is named after iconic Odia lawyer, Madhubabu Aain.

The advocate engaging with the people for providing free legal advice to the people will be paid an amount of Rs. 500 rupees for each session by the state government.

Kerala – e-Health Kerala


The scheme called JeevanRekha will create a centralized health records database of all citizens in the state through the digitization of government hospitals.

Arunachal – DulariKanya


For every girl child born in the state’s government hospitals, the government will deposit Rs. 20,000 in the bank account of the girl when she achieves adulthood.

The scheme aims to check infant mortality and female feticide in the state. The amount will be paid along with the accrued interest after she attains 18 years of her age.

Madhya Pradesh – Digital Dakiya Scheme


To encourage people to adopt cashless transactions, a ‘Digital Postman’ referred to as a ‘Digital Dakiya’ would visit door-to-door in the state’s urban and rural areas to educate and train households about the benefits of digitized transactions.

Madhya Pradesh – Anandam Scheme


The scheme will help the poor people in the state to avail daily needs like clothes, utensils, stationery, etc. via donations to help them achieve economic independence.

For this task, many Anandam centers will be set up across the state to collect these items from willing donors.

Andhra Pradesh – ArogyaRaksha Scheme


The scheme aims to provide medical treatment to people who are Above Poverty Line at a nominal rate of Rs. 1200 premium per annum.

This scheme will also provide health insurance coverage of up to Rs. 2 lakh to more than 35 Lakh Above Poverty Line families living in the state. A total of 432 hospitals including 80 government general hospitals have been enrolled under the scheme.

Telangana – Kalyana Laxmi and Shaadi Mubarak schemes

The state will provide monetary assistance of Rs. 1000 monthly to all the poor and single adult women.

Only single women whose annual income is below ₹2 lakh will be eligible for this monthly pension.

Kerala – Trauma-Care Scheme

Under this scheme, all road accident victims in the state will get free treatment for first 48 hours after being admitted to a hospital. This scheme is similar to the scheme launched by Karnataka mentioned above.


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