Best Money Management App for Growing Your Net Worth

Money Management App
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You have the money, you have a bucket list, but that is not the end of everything. You need the right money management skills, lest all that you have earned will leave your side in the blink of an eye. So, here is the list of best Money Management App.

You Need A Budget (YNAB): Best for Debt Payoff

You Need A Budget helps you stay within the confines of your income and understands that everyone has a budget constraint.

The best budget app does not advise you to think or plan for different ways to earn something extra.

It instead helps you analyze your budget and plan practical ways to deal with your expenses and mitigate financial issues if they crop up.

This Money Management App is a brilliant personal finance manager that helps you manage every penny. The app’s usefulness lies in the fact that it has helped its users clear off their debts with proper planning and account management.

Also, it has the option of taking up online classes that coach you on budgeting and planning expenditure. Therefore, if you do not have the skills to use the app or plan your budget with its help, reach out for live coaching.

Notable features of the best budget app:

  • Connect all the accounts in one place;
  • Detailed, visual spending and trend reports;
  • Real-time access to all the budget data across multiple devices;
  • Match up imported transactions and more.

Wally: Best Tracking Expenses App

More often than not, we indulge in buying splurge and then forget to record it. By the end of the month, when we have nothing substantial left, we are left wondering about where all the money went. Here comes the role of Wally app in managing the expenses.

Wally is one of the best finance tracking apps and is the right platform if you loathe entering in your expenditure manually. The app shall do the job for you if you take pictures of the receipts.

You, therefore, do not need to work your brain up thinking where you have spent your money. Keeping track of your expenses is pretty easy with this app, and it helps you keep your finances organized.

To make it easier for the users, the app also has a simple plan that can help individuals and families in three steps:

  • Understanding of the users’ pre-crisis spending
  • Following a budget to increase savings during the crisis. For those that have lost income, what to do about creditors.
  • Post-crisis recovery and returning to normalcy

Robinhood: Best Investing App

Robinhood is a Money Management App that comes in quite handy for those who are newbies in investing.

If you want to earn the ropes of investing or if the stock market piques your interest, you could keep a daily tab on the news about the investing market at Robinhood and MarketReview.

The app furnishes you with market information cut down to the minute and thus, keeps you updated and enlightened. What you do with all the information coming your way is your choice. You get to call the shots regarding investments.

Notable features of the Robinhood free finance app:

  • Commission-free investment;
  • Offers real-time market data;
  • Cutting-edge security measures to protect investor assets;
  • Collaboration with top banks and more.

Acorns: Best App for Easy Saving

Acorns is probably one of the most interesting Money Management App that has made its way into the list. It is a boon to humankind in the most real sense of the word. Once you’re connected to the best money management app, it automatically invests wisely in a low-cost ETF by taking into account your risk preference.

Once you have made a purchase with your card, and are connected to the app, it rounds up the expenditure and invests the difference in the ETF.

Notable features of the Acorns best personal finance app:

  • Automatically invest the spare change from everyday purchases;
  • Articles and videos from financial experts;
  • No low-balance or overdraft fees and free or fee-reimbursed ATMs nationwide;
  • 256-bit encryption, and more.

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