Doris Day: Remembering a legend

Doris Day RIP
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Forbes points out that Doris day was a bigger celebrity then than Julia Roberts George Clooney and Sandra Bullock put together. She was America’s sweetheart of 50s and 60s. She was born as Mary Ann Von Kapplehoff in Cincinnati. She was a Catholic and believed that her inner voice was God.

It is reported that she died on Monday at her home in caramel Valley California

She was in excellent health for her age, until recently when she was suffering from severe pneumonia. She had celebrated her 97th birthday with 300 fans few months earlier.

She wanted to be a dancer but broke her leg in an unfortunate car accident. This setback did not let her stop and she tried her hand in singing since 15.

Her first hit was Sentimental Journey, which people still remember. 

She also sang classics like A secret love, My dreams are getting, Love Somebody, When I fall in love, Que Sera Sera and Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps, Whip Crack Away, Qué Será Será etc. 

‘No Funeral, No Memorial and No Marker’: ‘She Didn’t Like Death’

Her manager told PEOPLE that she did not like the idea of being away for her animals and did not want to accept death. An enthusiastic animal lover, she created Doris Day Animal Foundation in 1978. It is also reported that her estate would be donated as per her will.

Condolences to the family of Doris Day. She was the World’s Sweetheart and beloved by all. Que Será, Será!-William Shatner


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