5 Best Anonymous Android Chat App

Anonymous Android Chat Apps
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Social media has taken up a huge amount of time in our lives. In it, we can connect with our families and friends, friends who live in a faraway country, and even with strangers. In case you are bored talking to the same family and friends all your life, strangers can be just the thing to add a little spice to your life. Social media gives us a platform to bring just that. So, here is the list of Best Anonymous Android Chat App


First of all, let us talk about one of the earliest but still one of the most widely loved anonymous chat apps – OmeTV. With the help of this app, you can chat with strangers on a one-on-one session. To use this app, you need to create an account by giving your credentials such as email address, username, and password. However, these are not verified, which in turn, makes you enable to use random information in case you want to. In the web version of this app, however, you do not need to open an account.


Now, let us move on to the second Anonymous Android Chat App which is named Wakie. It is a one-of-a-kind of an app because of its uniqueness. What the app does is that it offers you calls from strangers for waking you up. That is not the end of it, however. Obviously the key feature is that you can request strangers to wake you up via a wake-up call. In addition to that, you can also ask them for suggestions as well as opinions on any topic you would like to.

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In case you are not living under a rock – which is probably you are not – then you have heard of Reddit. It is most likely the largest community out there on the internet. In this app, you can talk about any topic under the sun. Reddit has added the feature of chat rooms in recent times. The app lets you join these chat rooms for asking questions that you might have as well as answering queries that others have made. However, keep in mind that chat rooms are always built around a particular topic. Therefore, do not expect to join any chat group and simply begin a conversation. On the other hand, in case you want to chat anonymously, you can choose the subreddit r/anonchat for taking part in a chat anonymously. You can join any chat room from the app after you have found a chat room that piques your interest. For joining the chat room, you are going to need a Reddit account and for creating an anonymous ID as quickly as possible. The app is offered free of charge. The app is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems.


Now, another anonymous Android chat app that is used by a large number of users is Whisper. The user base of this app is massive along with a community that is engaging and getting larger every day. In case you want a meaningful conversation and not the conversations related to sex and adulating, then Whisper is the best fit for you. This is supported by the many users to claim to have meaningful conversations that had impacted their mind and behavior – and their life in the process as well – in a positive way that originated from this chat app.

Meet Me

The next anonymous Android chat app that I am going to talk to you about is Meet Me. The app was launched as a dating site. However, destiny played its role and things changed. At present, Meet Me has a user base of more than 100 million active users. It is one of the most popular anonymous Android chat apps. In addition, to meet with new strangers, you will also love the features such as the number of admirers you have, gifts you have received, the total number of times people viewed your profile on the app, and many more.

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