How to care your car during Covid-19 Lockdown

Covid-19 Lockdown
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Parking/Storing car for long durations is sometimes challenging; we have listed a few key points which may help you prep your car for long-term storage at the time of Covid-19 Lockdown.

  1. Choosing the right place:

The first and foremost thing to consider while parking the car is choosing the right place. You will need to choose a place that does not have pests and rodents as they may damage the wiring of your car in this Covid-19 Lockdown time.

  1. Sanitizing the car & surroundings:

The second most important thing to do before parking the car is doing some housekeeping activity around the car; this includes cleaning the surroundings and keeping rat poisons underneath the car. Spray rat repellant on the engine bay so that rodents don’t eat-up the wiring.

  1. Cleaning the car:

Prior spraying rat repellant, it is best to clean the car interiors and wash the exteriors so that there is no dust accumulation in the car. Especially if there are any water stains or bird droppings, it needs to be cleaned away as it may damage the paint.

  1. Covering the car:

It is always a good idea to cover the car so that there is no dust accumulation; try using all-weather covers so that the paint is protected from all-kinds-of weather, including sun, rain, and snow.

  1. Tyre inflation:

Before parking the car, ensure that the tires are properly inflated, cars parked for long-duration tend to damage the tire by leaving cracking of the sidewalls or creation of flat spots. If possible, jack up the car so that the tire is not making contact with the ground; if not, ensure the tires are properly inflated at the time of Covid-19 Lockdown.

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  1. Tanking up during Covid-19 Lockdown:

Fill the fuel fully before parking so as to avoid rusting on the inside of the fuel tank. Few cars these days come with fiber tank, it may not be required in such cases. A car with a full tank is less likely to condense. Hence it will prevent moisture accumulation towards the inside the fuel tank.

Covid-19 Lockdown

  1. Avoid Handbrake/Electronic parking brake:

It is best to use gears when the vehicle is parked for a long duration as handbrakes or electronic parking brake when engaged for a long duration may cause jamming of the brake pads on discs or drums. Park the car using gears and use a piece of wood or stone near the tire to prevent it from rolling.

8. Disconnecting batteries during Covid-19 Lockdown:

If you tend to keep the car unused for a long duration, then it is best to disconnect the battery so that there is no flow of power in the circuit of the car, which would further increase the process of discharging. Please note, disconnecting batteries will result in the deactivation of the car security system and audio/infotainment configurations.

9: Charging:

An idle car will lead to draining of battery; it is best to start the car once in 7 days and keep the car in idling for at least 15 minutes. Please note: avoid using infotainment system, ac, blower, headlamps while performing this activity. Also, avoid revving the engine as the engine would not have reached the operating temperature. Hence it may cause damage to piston/piston rings/cylinder, etc at the time of Covid-19 Lockdown.

10: Starting the car/getting it back to the street:

Once you plan to use the car for regular use, check engine bay for any visitors and thoroughly check for loose/broken wires. Once the basic inspection is completed, you need o turn on the key and wait for a minute so that you provide sufficient time for the ECU to complete the vehicle checkup and for circulation of fuel through the fuel lines. You may now start the car and keep it in idle for a minute (don’t rev it immediately), wait for a minute, and then proceed towards your destination at the time of Covid-19 Lockdown.

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