Facebook, Instagram, And Whatsapp Are Slowly Returning

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If WhatsApp finds out that you’ve repeatedly infringed their terms and conditions, they may ban you from their service. So, if you’ve been notified of some infringing activity, be extremely careful since another violation might get your WhatsApp number blocked. Joining a large number of groups in a short time might create issues. WhatsApp might identify you as a bot and get your number blocked. To avoid getting your WhatsApp number banned, to send a message to many contacts, you can use the Broadcast feature.

  • Check and if the DP, Last Seen, and other details are showing.
  • If you find it hard to store WhatsApp messages via iTunes/iCloud on iPhone or Google Drive on Android phones, there is another way to store your personal WhatsApp chats.
  • On October 25, 2018, WhatsApp announced support for Stickers.
  • This first tip for how to know if someone blocked your number is pretty straightforward.

I’m messaging iPhone to iPhone to someone I talk to regularly. The messages are typically blue but they just turned to green. We run a little experiment with a blocked number on iMessage. When calling from the blocked number, the phone would ring briefly .

Adding Contact To A Group

Just tap the Video Camera icon at the top right of your group chat to start a video call or the phone symbol to start a voice call. Unfortunately for WhatsApp, the proposed changes spooked some users, who started downloading alternative communications tools. In the UK, Signal and Telegram, which are both available for iPhone and Android, gained a lot of new users as a result. However, as these are incompatible with WhatsApp, anyone who made the switch would need to convince all their contacts to do the same if they wanted to keep in touch. To keep track of your usage, go to Settings, then ‘Storage and data’ followed by Network Usage.

Outages Began Being Reported On Monday Afternoon

However, you may want to know, their implementation entails certain privacy risks. Now, using IM apps, you may have noticed how messages Whatsapp sometimes sort of ‘skip the line’. Your message jumps in whatever free container there is. And because the queue length determines how fast they move, they can go through in the wrong order. The server is an important part of IM mobile apps since you want messages to go through, even if one of the interlocutors is off-line.

Google Bans Apps With Reported Data

The platform added it was working to understand more about the outage in order to “make our infrastructure more resilient”. The Twitter official account was quick to make a light remark to the situation and tweeted “hello literally everyone”. We will follow the latest developments in this global story here – scroll down for the latest updates.

Being blocked by the user is not the only reason for not being able to see when a contact was last online, though. They could have changed their privacy settings to hide this particular information, or you might have set your privacy settings to not share your ‘Last Seen’ details. If you set this information to be private in your end, you will not be able to see the same details in your other contacts as well. Do you want to know if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp?

It’s the perfect way to qualify your leads and protect your valuable time. The response from a short text can help determine if someone is ready to jump on a call. That level of qualification ensures you’re only taking the calls that matter. And losing a potential customer because of a communication breakdown can feel like a backbreaker.


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