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celebrities in politics in india

Bollywood celebrities who entered the world of politics : Part 2

In the previous article, we discussed all the celebrities in politics in India and it was surprising to see some a few names in the list. If you haven't read it, read it here...
17 th Lok Sabha

Lok Sabha Candidates took oath to become members

The Lok Sabha or House of the People, elections to which ended on 23 May 2019. This is 17th Lok Sabha since India gained independence in 1947. Narendra Modi swore as 16th Prime Minister of...
Ayodhya Land Dispute Case: Past, present and future!,ram janmabhoomi-babri masjid title dispute-voxytalksy

Ayodhya Land Dispute Case: Past, present and future!

According to Hindu beliefs, it is considered that a temple was built in the early medieval era to commemorate the birthplace of Lord Rama. The debate was whether a temple was demolished or modified...

5 final Assembly Polls of 2018 – The penultimate litmus test for the 2019...

Brace yourself! The roadmap for the 2019 Lok Sabha general elections has been laid out by the Election Commission of India. We are now on the cusp of probably knowing who might rule the...
BJP vs Congress, INC should field him(Sajjad) against Narendra Modi's challange 56-inch chest !-voxytalksy

BJP vs Congress, INC should field him against Narendra Modi!

Congress is in sheer trouble! The Congress is currently in power in just three states vis-à-vis Karnataka, Mizoram, Punjab and a single Union Territory of Puducherry! They really need to do something in order...

Is Narendra Modi an autocrat? Here are some Accusations

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || ).push({}); Ever since Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of our nation – accusations have been rife that the country would have a steep slide towards an authoritarian rule....

Situations where Narendra Modi remained silent and ignored public sentiment

It must have been a matter of sheer embarrassment for Prime Minister Narendra Modi when Former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh called Modi a ‘silent PM’ for failing to address various issues of public importance...
dirty politics cases india

Famous instances of highly-dirty politics politicians play in India

Have you ever doubted the power of your right to vote as an Indian citizen? Most of us have! It is primarily due to the reason that it is really hard to find an...

Evaluating Modi Government’s policies in the final year of their tenure

The Modi government (Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA)) is now in its final lap leading up to the 2019 Lok Sabha general elections. There has been a massive and unprecedented scheme...
celebrities in politics in india

Bollywood celebrities who entered the world of politics : Part 4

The last and final part of celebrities in politics in India will feature some more celebs who gave politics a shot. It is surprising how many people left it mid-way, though. Read the previous...
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